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12,92 € + KM
The well known Mikado game. Hours of fun with the whole family or friends! Simply drop the sticks to create a pile and you are ready to play. Try to remove the sticks from the pile without moving any other. If you...
39,17 € + KM
Get ready to aim with this beautiful crafted skittles set made from pine wood. Skittles is fun for both adults as children. Play at home with family, in a park or challenge the guest of your party. Easy set up- just...
45,83 € + KM
Beautiful crafted 4 player wooden croquet set that includes 4 croquet hammers, 4 balls and 10 metal hoops. Simply place the hoops in a prefered position and make two teams. One team plays 2 designated ball and the...
30,83 € + KM
This addictive tactical game challenges players to throw underhand the wooden cylinder at the 12 wooden pins. The first player to reach exactly 50 points wins. It is not allowed to exceed 50. It might look easy but...
29,17 € + KM
Kubb is originaly a Swedish throwing game but has rapidly become popular and well known around the world. A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon with friends. The objective is to knock down the other teams...
47,50 € + KM
Luxury eye catching frescobol set to play on the beach, park or on your holiday. Made from strong and lasting Pine wood mixed with Sapele wood for which the wood pattern can be different per racket. Including two high...
64,17 € + KM
Powerful performance! This elegant padel racquet is hugely popular due to its lightweight and power. Fiber glass material for great punch on each shot. 350 grams weight, 36.5mm thickness and carry strap.
10,25 € + KM
Set of 2 badminton rackets and 2 shuttles packed in a PVC free non woven pouch to bring the set with you on a day out or your holiday.
12,75 € + KM
Delta kite packed in pouch to bring it to the beach or your holiday destination. With 30 meter cable with handles to let the kite fly high in the sky. Made from strong ribstop polyester.
12,92 € + KM
Size 5 football double layer made from pvc. Including needle adaptor.

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